Grain Journey

How long do I need to go through this dry spell, as it is very difficult to continue my journey without having a drop of water, leave aside having a stream of running water that I am so accustomed to enjoy. I remember in my early lifetimes or avatars or births, so to say, I used to be kept wet by the nature so I am always fresh and happy. People used to respect me so much as they used to give me and my fellow beings due place in their homes. My journey started when I mixed with heavenly rain drops enjoying the fall from such a high level as all creatures cheered the event – eagerly waiting for quite some time.


That grand welcome from wet eyed farmers gave us satisfaction for which we took pains to come back to earth to fulfill their hunger in equal measure without discrimination amongst all living beings unlike present day humans who, in their greed, store us for years together in dry places for their profit motives, depriving, at the same time, other needy beings. From the earth, we used to wait to enter our mother crop which is usually three to four months as per wishes of the farmer. Sometimes we take the form of wheat, sometimes sugar cane or corn and so on.

See what is happening now. It is almost one year that I am struggling to sprout in the field. Then after taking shape in the crop, my farmer used to nurture us without chemicals so we were happy without that typical itching and inflammation on my tiny body. We used to spring up in abundance and while farmers were celebrating our entry to their house, in our new form as fresh crop, we used to see happy faces all through our journey to store houses, whole sale and retail stores etc. More so in all creatures from worms to insects to birds, animals and humans all eager to take some of us to their homes for feasts planned in their own way.Grainjourneyfrom fieldimages.jpg

This phenomenon is quite common those days,with open transportation and leaking gunny bags. All creatures used to eagerly await to welcome us from the green fields. We used to satiate many creatures starting from the field itself, secondly during transportation to various stores to the tiny kitchens, and from there to the varied sizes and shapes of bellies for further churning in their long intestines. The whole journey used to be a winding and exhilarating experience. In this process we used to satisfy many creatures by filling their bellies throughout our journey. Even after consuming us to their satisfaction people used to leave balance of us in cooked form to many animals as leftovers for their consumption, not thrown out in drains.

So our journey used to be a perfectly laid out mechanism equal in proportion to all creatures according to their needs,not their greed.That is how nature does justice to all. But what is happening now? When we starve for wet ground, tired farmers are abandoning the fields due water shortage. Who made the shortage a recurrent phenomenon? Some greedy farmers dug deep wells and overfed the cash crops such as tobacco, jute, cane etc for their profits depriving us the food crops which fill up thousands of creature’s bellies. Some humans, out of their lavish lifestyles, cook us more and instead of consuming or feeding other creatures, throw us after making us stink or stale, in bins. What is the Result? Every one of us is stuck in our journey to our source. Some of us are stuck in the beginning phase itself waiting for formation of clouds, not being able to drop down to take form on earth, like unborn child so to say. Our situation is no different. Some of us are stuck in fields waiting for rains to sprout, some in unused stocks in the hoarder’s go-downs, some stuck in cooked stale food, some in drains.

All these experiences are totally unexpected and contrary to our way of passing the life, which is through the mouths and stomachs of creatures satisfying all the way, for which we are meant for. Our purpose is to be food for all to fulfill the hunger of creatures in the process we derive happiness.



Thus we complete the journey from raindrop to the stomach of creatures, back through drains, sewers to Mother Earth. Again from the drains, we get carried away by gushing rivers to the oceans and finally by evaporation to the clouds.

If the chain is broken or bypassed by the unconcerned humans, being the most intelligent and supposed to be leaders of the Animal kingdom, are they not just depriving the hunger of creatures but obstructing the dictum of nature?How can we serve the creation on earth for which we are ordained? Surely this is the time we need to appeal or pray to the Nature, urgently, to set things right and give sense and wisdom to the humans who are responsible for the greed, injustice and utter selfish situation prevalent now; leading to degradation of environment.

May Nature intervene by granting wisdom and good sense to all humanity for the benefit of all creatures. It is sure to happen and good times are ahead and humans will mend their ways before Nature bends them. Your loving Grain. Your source of happiness. With love.