Stress free life

People are, generally, worried to take responsibility even though they know that they gain satisfaction with the work they accomplish. Why is it so? If we take up the task at hand with the idea to do it right now, we probably will not have anxiety or so called “stress” in common parlance. We all, at some point of time, felt stressful for one reason or the other.

I recollect an interesting situation some 27 years back, when my friend was driving a moped and I was pillion rider. Suddenly a traffic constable blew whistle to stop some traffic offenders and my friend also stopped for some time and drove forward afterwards. The constable started running towards us sensing something wrong on our side. My friend stopped again but, as soon as the constable slowed down, my friend again raced. This flip flop went on for some time and finally the constable stopped our moped and asked for documents like driving licence and insurance. One by one all the documents sought by the constable were shown by my friend. Seeing everything alright, the frustrated constable left us.

I asked my friend why at all he resorted to this hide and seek drama, instead of straight away showing the documents to the traffic constable when you know all the documents were available with you and you need not worry when he stopped. My friend coolly said that he just wanted to tease the constable, who normally harasses the innocent people.

This illustrates two things. One, we need not worry when any law enforcement agency questions us so long as we know that we did nothing contrary to the law. In that way, we can be stress free. Secondly, if we  are stress free, we can enjoy any process, however cumbersome and tedious it may appear to be, even if it is painful sometimes, because we intentionally acted  that way.

This is the crux of the matter of being stressful or stress-free, in a given situation.

In contrast, we can observe that some people become very stressful on seeing clients or inspectors of various authorities. Why? Inwardly, they know that something was lacking in their work. ; they might have evaded some responsibility or  might have some hidden agenda or diverted the issues, instead of discharging their duty or they think that they are clever and skillful in handling people. Why do we need to manipulate  people, when people interact with us in a normal way and reciprocate our behaviour?. Is it that we know, inside our minds, that our behaviour is not in consonance with the situation? Or, we think other people are inferior to us? Anyway, it indicates our own lack of some qualities, which we need to learn further, to become a human being.


See for yourself. Whenever we knowingly shirk off our roles and responsibilities, we feel jittery and become stressful when our actions come into scrutiny. So if we avoid our work now, remember that we have to compress our feelings of guilt at some other time, which leads to worry and stress.

Stress ,per se ,may not be bad, as we all know that some amount of pressure is essential to get the work done. If the required work is not done or necessary effort is not applied, then stress builds up in our body. So, one best way to avoid stress is to willingly do the work, whatever it may be. Doing something is important rather than planning to do. That’s the reason we see hard working people are healthy and stress free. We can see that condition from the faces of people.

Stressful people often evade our pointed questions on some important subject and get angry without reason. If they just acknowledge that evading their responsibility is not going to reduce their work or burden, then they will understand how easy it is , to be stress free. Any variety of measures to reduce stress will not bring results unless we train our mind to be calm and balanced, as the cause of stress is inside the mind, which is undisciplined  and in general, constantly wavering.

Some people think that by bullying or putting others down, their immediate problems are solved. Instead of taking required action from their side, their behaviour further agitates their own mind if the other person coolly puts up with whatever is meted out to him, like a saint.

The reason is not difficult to understand. It is because of the drifting  away of the mind from truthfulness. By being truthful means, having alignment in our thought, word and deeds. That is another way of defining, the quality of having Integrity.

So long as we maintain integrity, our body, mind and our inner being, we  will be in harmony with nature and therefore, stress will not find its place in us.  As we all know, our individual mind is a factory of thoughts and if , somehow, that is made calm, the body will also be healthy. We realize our true nature.

We are healthy by nature but we create conflicting thoughts in our mind, thereby producing stress. So let us take control of our mind first, to face the life’s situations in right spirit and enjoy the fragrance of life. Let us not pretend with anybody. Let us not procrastinate anything, we need to do, as procrastination only builds stress. Brooding over past or future things, without action on our part is the main cause of worries and stress.                                                                                                                                                                                        stressfreelife-images

Instead, let us contemplate on the Nature and Reality of life. Let us be natural and truthful, to be a happy person always. Let us be stress free. Let us say good bye to worry and stress, by taking action in an unattached way. We would not need stress management lessons, then. We would be able to  manage and do the things with responsibility. All our actions will then be joyful to everyone.