Neutral Thinking

We often hear from all the so called successful people to develop positive attitude towards life and people for a successful life. I wonder what it is to be positive. Is it saying yes to others opinion or wishes? Or is it being supportive to the offenders like sympathising or empathising? If anybody expresses the difficulty or helplessness to do a thing needed to be done for their own sake, what sort of advice given by us will be treated as positive by them?

Suppose a man is not in peace with himself because of his misdeeds and now fears punishment from the Government, what type of advice or opinion will be treated by him as positive, with regard to the next course of action, he has to take?  Is it the suggestion to declare the misdeed prior to discovery by the authorities or a clever way to escape from the situation by another trick? Whether the advice is treated as positive or negative depends upon the gravity of the misdeed and the relationship of the advice giver and taker.  Often, one tries to strike a balance between impact of the quantum of punishment meted out as per law if discovered or the imposed penalty for its pre disclosure.

This reminds me of the surrender of some persons once involved in outlawed activities, in India at various points. What happened to those surrendered persons thereafter? Whether the persons who surrendered were satisfied with their decision or not, and whether their surrender achieved the objectives of the State, is mostly unknown to the public, to comment on those acts as positive or negative. Any opinion on these types of issues, is further is affected by the implied and stated objectives of both, the State and the surrendered people. We don’t know yet. Nobody talks about it afterwards, because it is no more profitable or sensational to the media.

So, coming to the point, being positive or negative in life is relative. There is no absolute positive or absolute negative situation or action in life. It is in between. It is an agreeable action amongst the society, to say in common terms.

Now, let us come to the aspect of negative thinking. Is it fearsome to hear about negative word itself? For any medical test conducted for diagnosing a disease, the test result is designed to be declarative if outcome is positive. Meaning, thereby, a positive test result indicates presence of a certain disease and a negative result lack of it. So the patient prays for getting a negative result.   Similar is the case for any expected outcome. So the expectation decides whether something, be it an opinion or an examination, is positive or negative.

Therefore we can see the dilemmas of life through these types of prisms. Contrary to the alternating nature of positive or negative aspects, why don’t we inculcate a neutral attitude in life situations? We normally cannot be neutral because of our prejudices and unbalanced mind which continuously oscillates from one extreme to the other. That’s life in general. We change constantly. But we expect a neutral decision from a judge to get justice. We expect the nature to be neutral for us. Why?  One reason could be that, we inwardly know that nature is just and balanced and it does justice to one and all. We all look for that balance in our life. We forget that we were born in a balanced condition but our actions created all the confusions and the result is turmoil.


We did all things with the idea to be a sole beneficiary over others, not in some but in all aspects. We learned the so called competitive spirit in the course of our education.  Now the same competitiveness has brought us to this unbalance in our mind and society. Therefore, we want everything to be set right by the leaders in various walks of life. Instead, why don’t we see things through a clean and crystal clear lens? Then we see things as they are.

Neutral thinking is seeing as it is and without any coloured lenses or prisms which distort our vision and presumptions.  Instead of intending something and getting some other thing, we will, then, be like the nature; neutral and equal to every other living being, with no passions, hatred and undue attachments. Relationships will then be just as they should be. A brother is a brother and a stranger is a stranger. Nothing more and, nothing less. Worries will vanish because there is no positive or negative expectation from anything, situation or person. Then we will see the beauty of life in its true colours and enjoy the nature and it’s every creature.


So, why cannot we learn to be neutral? Just try, we will feel the reality.  Are you ready to think neutral? It will be more appealing to be neutral than being positive or negative. There will be no pressures or anxieties for us, then.  Remember, when we take a position, then, there will be an equal and opposite position waiting to counter our thinking in the universe. So let us begin to be a neutral person, a natural being, from now onwards.

That doesn’t mean that there is no action from our side. No. We do perform actions as per requirement, as a duty for duty’s sake, but we do not expect the results, to be as per our thinking. Results will be according to our actions, no doubt. But we are detached from the outcome. Then, we reap what we sow. Justness will then work in our life. Are you starting to think Neutral from now? Think over it. Experiment for gaining real experience. Be a true being, my dear neutral co traveler on this planet.