Eternal Pursuit

How long it had been since you stopped pursuing something worthy? In our childhood, we pursued one or two things to achieve our dreams; be it educational and career oriented courses or cherished hobbies.

What was the driving force to pursue such goals? Was it a desire to get into high earning job or business, or to satisfy our non-financial interests, such as music or playing? What happened to our zeal that was there at some point or other?

We can see some people have enormous energy to pursue their goals and hobbies, irrespective of their age. That reminds me of a person who is very religious in his hobby of enrolling members in an association he is attached to. His passion to that association is evident during elections. I don’t know whether he devotes his time to his family or not, but he must be deriving satisfaction from his activities.eagle-pursuit

Now, coming to my point of the driving force behind the different pursuits people take up, we can see that the pursuits keep changing over a period. As we grow our pursuits also grow in scope and scale.

Pursuit of anything consumes our precious time and energy. Of what utility is our pursuit depends upon the relative weight we assign to it. Pursuit of pleasure has no end in life, if we closely observe. We follow one object after the other in our pursuit.

We can recall the law of diminishing returns in economy. As per this law, our satisfaction decreases progressively as the quantum of our consumption increases, or as the time period increases. Meaning, thereby, the same object which gave us satisfaction earlier gives less and less satisfaction when it is used often or used over a period of time.

That’s why they say variety is the spice of life. In our quest for variety we lose concentration and focus needed to pursue our original goal to its logical end. That gives us another reason to go for another goal. Thus we constantly change our focus and goals. But, this is the vicious circuit and is a trap.

We go after a number of different goals one after the other. When do we stop and see what is that we really want? If we want to achieve happiness from our living, we need to pause a little and calm our mind. Then, the calm mind will work efficiently and guide us to pursue our goals effortlessly. That is one way of finding a workable means to achieve our goals in life.

As far as the kinds of pursuits are concerned, we can have a lot of them but the one pursuit we should remember in life is pursuit of happiness beyond material possessions and physical objects of life.It is eternal and everlasting and will be with us forever.


We came here without any object and therefore looking for happiness in objects is of no avail. Let us remember this fact and accordingly, let us look beyond and look inside deep in our hearts. We listen to the true calling of our inner being then and find out what it is to  have eternal bliss. Let us pursue this inner calling and  take up the inner journey as Eternal Pursuit. No other pursuits are required thereafter, for our true happiness.May all pursue the Eternal Pursuit.



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