A hippopotamus hides in water for most part and occasionally lifts its head and after looking out for some time again goes inside water. A lion on the other hand, looks around in a majestic way always while roaming. People admire and also fear a bit due to lion’s ferocious ways while in action. But, it is surprising to see people clap for a hippopotamus and not for a lion. While many people think that hippopotamus is harmless, in reality, it is a dangerous creature. A lion is never misconstrued by people, in this way. We see some people boast about their boldness in taking decision while lecturing others and pretend to have the qualities of lion in the forest. They expect others to take their words and follow them. While there can be no question on their confidence in speech, in practice, they thrive only because of the contribution and strength of silent workers behind the scene; and  not on their own.


When the time to lead arises, instead of being in the forefront, they mysteriously hide behind bushes and appears to be busy. This conceited way of behavior made me to coin a new word, the Hippolion, to symbolically denote the two faceted qualities of certain people in our daily living, wherein, they exhibit appearance like lion but hypocrisy in action like a Hippopotamus.

This phenomenon is not limited to any particular field. We can see in every aspect of our life. It may be a serious business for some to portray as a savior in front of the crowd in public functions and get publicity in return for paid clapping. People also forget the reality, thereafter, as they get the entertainment and our Hippolions get the breathing time for the next public function.


We never hear back from them about the fulfillment of promises made from the platforms. Whether pretending is preventing their performance or pretending itself is their performance, is the question we need to ask ourselves to have any reasonable answer.It is time to think deep and see the truth in order to adjust our life accordingly.

In fact, we can see that the very nature of people is an admixture of natures of all creatures in the universe; and to appreciate this phenomenon, one needs to do further inquiry. When we observe different people closely, we can see through their real nature. We all have certain amount of the qualities possessed by every other creature. Only the degree of predominant nature varies in each individual and usually, that predominant nature comes into expression, which we attribute to that person at a given instance.

Some people express, though rarely, the minute and hidden qualities in any situation, even in adverse conditions and that’s what separates them from others. We call them as Mahatma or Great Person. So in the end we all have ability to express subtle qualities we possess inherently, which otherwise will be hidden in the corners of our being without being exhibited at all. We, thus, lose lifetime opportunities if we do not bring out those qualities in life. Expressing humane qualities in all circumstances, uniformly in our daily dealings is the way to be a human being literally. Otherwise we are nothing but social animals.

Therefore, what is required from us is to pray for our evolution from animal behavior to becoming a Human being. We express human quality even though it is not predominant, initially. We will be what we ought to be, then. That’s when we can stop ourselves to be seen as hypocrites or animals in human form. Let us resolve to be a Human being first, before craving to be a leader.



Being Trustworthy

Someone asked about the reason why people do harm to the other person, when in fact; they actually loved so much the other person. Is there any particular reason for these types of situations?  Some say they never imagined that their trust would be breached so blatantly. They get disappointed with unexpected outcome of their trust with the other person.

To my mind, it appears that in the first place, we don’t know whom to trust. We need to understand the dynamics of trust. Trust is not same as that of developing a simple relationship or a long friendship bonded by attachments.  Trust builds up between people, when they get associated closely on a particular cause; say a charity work or social cause. After sufficient understanding of their inherent qualities and watching their true nature in public as well as in private, trust develops between people.

What we see outside of them is to be assessed from what they are in private. Their intentions may be good, but what happens when their behavior is unacceptable to us? whether in public or in private.  The friendship may break and the Love may also break.  But then we do not feel hurt badly all the time. Why? Because, in the first instance itself, we have not taken pains to develop that friendship or relationship in all cases. It hurts us only when we invested our time and after deep thinking, venture into developing the attachment with the other person. We never take each and every friendship or love seriously and therefore, we are not affected badly by the sundry quarrels between friends or relations, even if they break.  


Is it lack of coherence in their behavior or lack of consistency in behavior towards us that leads to breach of trust? The answer will be difficult and it depends upon our own expectation. All the time, we expect others to behave with us and with others too, as we want. Is it not unfair to them?    A friendship or love may develop in just minutes because of the inner push or urge to get something quickly, out of the situation, which may last long or not. Trust does not develop in haste.

Trust demands that we respect each other for what they are and how their behavior is and discard expectation from others. Then trust further gets strengthened. Any deviant behavior by other person is treated as normal and we do not get perturbed with their short term behavior or actions. That is true demonstration of trust.

Since there is no expectation from or by any of the parties involved, there is no haste or ill feeling among themselves. Things go on smoothly then. It is only when we want to control the outcome, attachment begins and the moment we perceive loss of control; we get disappointed, as there is no true trust. We thus need to differentiate between a relationship driven   by attachments and a trust developed without any selfish intent.


Trust in Divine Master will bring every other thing in the universe close to us and we truly become trustworthy, then. Let us develop trust among the entire humanity.