We encounter people in life that can be categorized as either ambitious and interesting or competitive and envious, especially in close circles. Why this comparison is done at all? Is it because we tend to differentiate people the moment we see them by our conditioning or by the way our mind processes the information? This question also is faced by everyone at one stage in life.

The reason is we forgot the way how to look at life and its beauty in proper perspective, without any coloring. By coloring I mean viewing the simple things in life the way we want them to be rather than the way they are. Added to it is the mixing of our likes and dislikes, by the social circumstances we are brought up.

So the prejudice is a given condition for most which decides the course of our thinking and viewing others whether subjects or objects. We make up things on our own, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Later we start seeing the differences among our creation and are wondering at the same at the same time. Who is responsible for all these made up things and when can we stop seeing so and see things as they are? Time will teach us in due course.


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